My name is Frank Wilson. I live in Seabeck Washington, USA. Lat. 47.6N/Lon. 122.8W

The northwest seems like a pretty ideal place to raise bees. Pretty temprate, not too hot, not too cold. Snow a few days a year and over 90 a few days a year….but wet in between. Typically from July 4th until sometime in Sept it will remain pretty dry. By Oct 1st though you have to be ready for anything.

We live on about an acre of property, surrounding properties are of similar size. We do have a garden and a few fruit trees but will be relying on the surrounding area to support the bees. I’ll be starting out with two hives (as recommended in several articles I’ve read) but probably will not get much bigger than that.

The reason for this blog is to keep track of the information I collect and the lessons that I learn in such a way that I can easily find it and it is readily available for others as well. I’ve attended my first Westsound Beekeepers Association meeting and one thing I learned right out of the gate is that this is a sharing group who is excited about the topic of bees.

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