An indoor observation hive built by House of Bees

An indoor observation hive that was built by Darren from House of Bees. He built the warre hives that I’m using and is taking a particular interest in building hives into homes.

There is a little bit of a trick here because the bees on the inside can get quite a shock when they go to move outside, especially if it is cold. Darren provided a copper entry way so that bees coming out will sense the true outside temperature before taking the big plunge.

Much below 50 deg. F and bees are unable to fly and if it gets into the lower 40s their muscles are no longer able to shiver which is what allows them to generate heat. A single bee left alone in lower 40’s may not make it for long. This is why they cluster within the hive taking turns using their flight muscles to shiver which generates heat for the colony.

Thermo-regulation of a bee colony is one of many fascinating sub topics within the beekeeping world.

Link to House of Bees:

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