Wow…another bee season come and gone…..

2017 Bee season was a blur. Seems that just yesterday our club, West Sound Beekeepers Association, was helping new beekeepers on bee day at Stedmans Bee Supply in Silverdale. Our club apiary has grown a lot this summer and our group continues to morph into a really good organization.

As for my own apiary, last winter was rough as I lost both of my hives. This year I’m going into the winter with 3 hives with the hopes that the spring will see at least two of them still alive.

What am I doing different this year?
1. Treated for mites using Apgar strips
2. Fed sugar water like crazy the last part of August so the frames are heavy with honey…..of the sugar water variety.
3. Wrapped my hives with black tar paper.
4. Will put granulated sugar on top for emergency food.

Each year is a new adventure 🙂

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